Road Extraction using PyTorch

Using PyTorch implementation of UNet for road extraction

Kalman Filters for Object Tracking

Using C++ to implement an extended and unscented kalman filter for object tracking

Vehicle Detection

Computer vision and machine learning for vehicle identification and tracking

Behavioral Cloning

Cloning driving behavior with convolutional neural networks

Advanced Lane Finding

Using computer vision techniques to refine the identification of lane lines in both images and video feeds

Traffic Sign Recognition

Classifying traffic signs with convolutional neural networks (LeNet architecture)

Lane Finding from Video Feeds

Color selection, region masking, canny edge detection, and hough transformation to find lane lines

Visaurant: Reimagining the food search experience

Using computer vision techniques to visually filter and search through images

Mr. President, what did you say?

Natural language processing, latent semantic indexing, latent dirichlet allocation, and D3.js visualizations!

Making Census Data Exciting (Part 2)

Getting data out of a remote server and show results on a D3 dashboard

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